I have a problem with my subscription

We apologise for any problems you are having with your subscription.

I. If your payment has been accepted but your subscription has not been activated:

Follow the customer service link below. Paste the information from your payment receipt, and state your username and as much information as possible so that your request can be processed.

II. If more than one withdrawal have been made for a single subscription:

Follow the customer service link below. Paste the information from your payment receipt, and state your alias and as much information as possible, so we can deal with your issue. Remember to forward the payment receipt email or the receipt number (this begins with ABO-dlm-... or ACT-dlm-... or bibit-... ).

Live chat

To save time and immediately receive messages, you can chat with all online members on the site (free only for women, except woman to woman).

Problem with displaying chat and messages

Check that your anti-virus or anti-popup software or firewall is not blocking chat pages or email. They must be allowed.

Our dating site recommends the usage of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or superior.

How do I remove my profile?

If you wish to delete your profile, proceed as follows :

- Account
-My settings
- Settings

How to update Flash player ?

For any problems with Flash player, go to Macromedia :
click here

How to update my Web navigator ?

To update your Web navigator Internet Explorer, you have to follow this link :
Click here.
If you use Mozilla firefox, the updates are automatic.

I don't want to receive the alerts on my screen anymore !

Go to "My parameters" then uncheck the boxes located under the title « When I'm online on the site ».

I don't wish to continue my unlimited access

Proceed as follows if you wish to stop your subscription :

Click on "Account" > Click on "Member area" > Click on "Manage my subscription" > Then Click on "Cancel the reconduction".

Follow the steps until you see the message "You have been unsubscribed, a confirmation email has been sent to your mailbox."

Your renewal is stopped.

You can check this by going ointo : Account > Member area > Manage my subscription. The renewal date has been replaced by expiration the date.

Is my subscription is correctly stopped?

Si vous avez un doute concernant l'arrêt de la reconduction automatique de votre abonnement, vous pouvez le vérifier depuis votre profil :

- Cliquez sur "compte"
- "mes paramètres"
- "mon abonnement"

A cet endroit, si votre abonnement a été correctement stoppé, vous pourrez voir apparaître la "date d'expiration" de votre abonnement.

Si par contre vous voyez la "date de renouvellement", cela signifie que votre abonnement n'a pas été correctement stoppé! Dans ce cas, recommencez la procédure.

Nous envoyons un mail de confirmation d'arrêt d'abonnement.

Signification of the icons in the dating area

You may see different icons in your dating manager. Here is the signification of those icons :

- Envelope : you received a message from a member.
- Red Lips : You have received a kiss from a member.
- Eye : a member has visited your profile.
- Blue man : a member is in your list of friends, and just connected to the site.
- Red heart with a yellow flash on the inside : this member has selected your profile in the speedflirt, therefore he wants to meet you.
- Bubble with small points: a member invites you on the chat.

My problem is not in this list

Please contact customer service using the link below.